My Moncton real estate service is about representing a Buyer client with 100% undivided loyalty.

100% undivided loyalty

Licensed as an Agent and truly independent.*

buyer agent outstanding

As an independent Agent I offer clients my pledge of 100% Undivided Loyalty. I provide a single agency representation service to my buyer clients. To consumers who choose to be unrepresented customers, I will provide real estate information. I take my professional real estate service seriously and thoroughly enjoy fully representing people in their real estate transactions.

I provide prospective clients with a Disclosure of Role - Agency. So early in the process I will fully disclose in writing the role and nature of the service I will provide to you, should you choose to become my client.

Larry Estabrooks, Agent - REALTOR®
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When you are a client of an Agent, you are represented by an agency. If you are then asked to agree to double agency or limited representation, you have the right to decline and say "NO". You have the right to full representation with 100% undived loyalty thoroughout the buying or selling process.

Just say "no" to dual agency

*a licensed Agent may employ salespeople to represent the Agent. I do not employ any subordinates.